UW Astronomy in SPIDER’s Web

Jul 15, 2013

UW Astronomy has been chosen as a participant in the first round of the Theory and Computational Astrophysics Networks (TCAN) program, established by NSF and NASA to support "coordinated efforts in fundamental theory and computational techniques in order to make groundbreaking advances in astrophysics." Professors Rich Townsend and Ellen Zweibel led the UW effort as part of a joint proposal from UC Santa Barbara, University of Colorado-Boulder, and Arizona State University. The proposal, entitled "The SPIDER Network: Supernova Progenitor Internal Dynamics & Evolution Research," will use frontier computational methods and new astronomical data to characterize the stars that end their lives in supernova explosions. An award of $1.5 million, spread over 3 years, will support graduate students and postdocs at the four partner institutions and enable frequent collaborative meetings.

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