The Silver Domes of Sterling Hall

Jul 16, 2018

Painters just finished putting a shiny new coat of reflective observatory paint on the three telescope domes atop Sterling Hall. This much-needed upgrade puts us one step closer to opening the Sterling Rooftop Telescope Garden for operation. With generous support from Sharon Stark and Peter Livingston, we are refurbishing the 16" Linda-Sue telescope, to be used for teaching and outreach.

One of the most important considerations for building an observatory is thermal control of the dome to minimize dome turbulence, which arises when the dome and the surrounding air are at different temperatures. During warm months, this means keeping the dome as cool as possible during the day so that temperatures equilibrate quickly at dusk. With highly reflective coatings, the rooftop of Sterling Hall is once again a landmark on campus. We are excited about the progress of our telescope upgrade and look forward to introducing students and visitors to our new old telescope!

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