Statement Against Systemic Racism and in Support of the Black Community

Jun 10, 2020

As a department, it is our duty to create an academic climate that welcomes and supports all people, and that specifically and explicitly includes people from marginalized communities. We condemn the senseless killing of George Floyd, and countless other Black Americans who have been the targets of police violence. We affirm that Black Lives Matter. We acknowledge our responsibility to rid our society of systemic racism. We need to do more than stand in solidarity. We demand change, and we pledge to actively seek measures to address systemic racism in our department, in our discipline, and in the world.


UW Astronomy Faculty & Emeriti

Amy Barger
Brian Babler
Bob Benjamin
Matthew Bershady
Ed Churchwell
Elena D'Onghia
Jay Gallagher
Sebastian Heinz
Eric Hooper
Alex Lazarian
Michael Maseda
Robert Mathieu
Dan McCammon
Marina Orio
Ron Reynolds
Snezana Stanimirovic
Christy Tremonti
Rich Townsend
Andrew Vanderburg
Marsha Wolf
Ke Zhang
Ellen Zweibel 

UW Astronomy & Physics Graduate Students

Chad Bustard
Julie Davis
Jacqueline Goldstein
Kendall Hall
Teva Ilan
Logan Jones
Dhanesh Krishnarao
Francisco Ley
Evan Linck
Aaron Lopez
Rachel McClure
Melissa Morris
Andrew Nine
Joshua Oppor
Zach Pace
Ben Rosenwasser
Daniel Rybarczyk
Jennifer Stafford
Anthony Taylor
Catherine Witherspoon

UW Astronomy Postdoctoral Scholars & Scientists

Audra Hernandez
Tae-Sun Kim
Ralf Kotulla
Adam Schaefer

UW Astronomy Technical & Office Staff

Steve Anderson
Kurt Jaehnig
Jim Lattis
Kay Kriewald
Heather Sauer
Eric Schueffner
Aaron Teche

UW Astronomy & Physics Undergraduate Students

Katiya Fosdick
Ben Havlicek
Andrew Heinrich
Matt Kalscheur

Note: if you wish your name to be added to this list of signatories, please reach out to Rich Townsend.

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