Professors Stanimirovic & Heinz Awarded Tenure

Aug 01, 2011

The Department of Astronomy is pleased to announce the promotion of Sebastian Heinz and Snezana Stanimirovic to associate professors with tenure.

Heinz’s research focuses on the astrophysics of black holes and their influence on the formation of structure in the Universe. His passion for teaching goes beyond the classroom. He organized several semester-long PLATO lecture series to communicate science to lifelong learners.

“The tenure process was a lot of work but very rewarding,” says Heinz. “It gave me a real sense of all the things I accomplished during my time here at the UW. I really appreciate the support from the department, and especially my mentoring committee, throughout the entire process.”

Stanimirovic researches neutral gas in the Milky Way and its immediate neighbors, focusing on the conversion of atomic gas into molecular clouds and later stars. She and her students use the premier radio telescopes, including the  Arecibo Observatory, the Expanded Very Large Array, and the Australian SKA Pathfinder. Her research and educational work were recognized by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement with the Cottrell Scholar Award in 2009.

“The tenure process went smoothly thanks to my department mentoring committee and the UW-Madison WISELI (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute) support through many workshops and their women faculty mentoring program,” says Stanimirovic.

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