NEID Port Adapter

Jan 22, 2020

We are proud to have delievered the port adapter for the ground-breaking new NEID instrument for our very own WIYN telescope. The missioon of NEID is the mesure the masses of Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby stars, found by NASA's TESS mission. The port adapter was built by UW-Madison's Washburn Labs team, under the leadership of Dr. Marsha Wolf.

Washburn Labs Engineer Kurt Jaehnig infront of the NEID port adapter.

Quoting from the NEID web page: "NEID (NUH-eed or NOO-id, rhymes with “fluid”), which gets its name from the Tohono O'odham word meaning "to see", is funded by the joint NASA/NSF Exoplanet Exploration Program (or NN-EXPLORE), and is scheduled to begin commissioning at WIYN in September 2019.

NEID consists of two principal parts. The port adaptor (provided by the University of Wisconsin) will be mounted on the Bent Cassegrain port at WIYN. It is used to acquire and guide on a target star, precisely maintaining the stellar centroid on a science fiber in the focal plane. Other nearby fibers gather simultaneous light from the sky. Calibration light can also be sent to NEID via the port adaptor. The fibers feed their light to a new spectrograph room built by WIYN on the ground floor of the observatory. The room ensures a stable environment for the spectrograph. The NEID spectrograph is built by Penn State University (Suvrath Mahadevan, PI). It is sealed in a vacuum chamber to maintain the optics at a stable temperature (variations <1 mK) and isolated from outside disturbances over NEID's 5-year program baseline."

NEID first light image

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