MaNGA Commissioning Underway

Feb 05, 2014

The first production MaNGA cartridge was successfully installed at Apache Point Observatory, and commissioning is now underway. MaNGA is part of the SDSS IV survey. It will survey 10,000 nearby galaxies with a unique set of integral field fiber bundles that can take spectral images of many galaxies at the same time, allowing astronomers to study the properties of each galaxy at many wavelengths all at once. The survey's unique hexagonal fiber heads that make this detailed view possible were designed and tested at Washburn Labs right here at UW-Madison, under the leadership of Prof. Matt Bershady, Project Scientist for the Sloan IV survey. The images below show the different sized fiber bundles, optimized for different sized galaxies, and a set of fibers plugged into a standard Sloan plate.

Image of different MaNGA fiber heads, allowing spatially resolved spectroscopy for many galaxies at once.

Image of the first 17 fiber head plugged into a Sloan plate for commissioning.

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