Isak Wold Wins Stebbins Award

Nov 15, 2012

The 2012 Stebbins Award of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Astronomy Department goes to Graduate Student Isak Wold.

The Stebbins Award honors a significant research achievement made during the previous year. In addition, the Stebbins Award recognizes scientific independence, leadership and creativity; external recognition in papers and talks; and ability to communicate research to a scientific audience.

This year, Isak presented a talk at the “GALEX Fest: Exploring the UV Universe” conference at Caltech on his computation of the moderate redshift z~1 Ly-alpha luminosity function using a unique, flux-limited sample of z~1 Ly-alpha emitters. He found targets by extracting spectra from GALEX near-ultraviolet grism images using a novel three-dimensional (two spatial axes and one wavelength axis) data cube technique. Ly-alpha emitters are one of our few probes of the high-redshift universe, but to use them we need to understand their intrinsic properties. Isak’s work on the lowest redshift (z~1) Ly-Alpha emitters that have luminosities comparable to the highest-redshift (z>6) Ly-alpha emitters, yet are unaffected by the intervening intergalactic medium, is critical to developing this understanding.

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