Department Welcomes Second Grainger Fellow

Sep 30, 2013

This fall, the Department of Astronomy welcomes Dr. Aleks Diamond-Stanic as its second Grainger Postdoctoral Fellow.

Aleks is interested in the co-evolution of galaxies and their supermassive black holes, and the role of feedback in regulating star formation.

The Grainger Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Department of Astronomy’s first prize fellowship, is generously funded by The Grainger Foundation.

“I’m very impressed by the positive working environment in the department and look forward to starting new projects with people here using facilities like SALT and WIYN, and taking advantage of UW’s partnership with MANGA,” says Aleks.

Outside of work, Aleks enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and is an avid reader of non-astronomical fiction. He was a Center for Galaxy Evolution Fellow at the University of California-San Diego, and received his PhD in astronomy from the University of Arizona (Tucson) and BA in physics from Carleton College (Northfield, MN).

As a grad student, he worked and co-authored a paper with Hubble Fellow Christy Tremonti, who is now a professor in the department. They have been close collaborators ever since. But his Wisconsin roots go even deeper. Aleks’s parents were grad students at UW. His father’s name is on an Iron Cross Society plaque at Memorial Union. “My mother was pregnant with me when they moved to Athens, Georgia. I could have been a Wisconsin native,” says Aleks.

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