Adopt a Fiber, Have your Gift Matched!

Through the end of April, you can have your gift towards the High Fiber Diet Spectrograph for SALT matched 1-for-1 by our Astronomy Board of Visitors Challenge. And if you give $100 or more, you can adopt a fiber and stay connected with it through construction and commissioning!

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Bob Mathieu Named Albert E. Whitford Professor

The WARF Named Professorship honors his contributions to our understanding of stellar evolution and his many contributions to Wisconsin.

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Clair Murray Wins Dissertation Award

Congratulations, Claire, on winning the 2017 Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award by the NRAO!

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Astronomy Professor Named 2018/2019 Vilas Associate

Astronomy Professor Elena D'Onghia received a prestigious Vilas Associate Award for her work on galaxy dynamics.

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Badger Astronomer to Head NSF Math and Physics Division

Read an interview with Anne Kinney, the new head of the NSF's Math and Physics Directorate.

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