Congratulations Sebastian Heinz, Winner of the 2016 HEAD Mid-Career Prize

The Mid-Career Prize is awarded by the High Energy Astrophysics Divison of the American Astronomical Society for a significant advance or accomplishment in high-energy astrophysics by an astronomer within 15 years of receiving his or her doctorate.

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The Fall 2015 Washburn Observer

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Blakesley Burkart Finalist for 2016 APS Outstanding Thesis Award

UW alumna Blakesey Burkhart is one of three finalists for the 2016 APS Thesis Awart, which recognizes doctoral thesis in research in Astrophysics by the American Physical Society.

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UW-Madison researchers explore alternative stellar lifestyles

Scientists led by UW-Astronomy Prof. Robert Mathieu and former student Natalie Gosnell confirm one of the possible explanations for the existence of blue straggler stars.

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