Student Learning in the Planetarium

Grad student Paul Sell set out to investigate whether student learning improves if they have access to planetarium presentations.

Mar.23.2012 | Continue Reading »

Universe in the Park Brings Astronomy to Public

UW-Madison Astronomers bring the Universe to a State Park near you.

Aug.30.2011 | Continue Reading »

WHAM featured at Natural History Museum in NYC

The exhibition showcases UW-Madison science and will be on view through June 24, 2012.

Aug.30.2011 | Continue Reading »

International Stellar Polarimetry Meeting Honors Long Tradition at UW

A group of 75 astronomers from around the world attended the “Stellar Polarimetry: From Birth to Death” meeting at UW-Madison from June 27-30.

Jun.27.2011 | Continue Reading »

UW Spectrograph to Be Commissioned on SALT

Exciting times for UW-Madison instrument builders.

Jun.01.2011 | Continue Reading »

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