Origins Is Live!

Explore the amazing UW documentary about our place in the cosmos, from the first stars to the cradle of human life. Go to to find out more!

Apr.27.2018 | Continue Reading »

Badger Astronomer to Head NSF Math and Physics Division

Read an interview with Anne Kinney, the new head of the NSF's Math and Physics Directorate.

Jan.25.2018 | Continue Reading »

WIYN ODI Observes Galactic Intruder

UW Astronomer Ralf Kotulla caught the amazingly fast comet as it zipped through the solar system. Check out our press release!

Nov.16.2017 | Continue Reading »

The Fall 2017 Washburn Observer

Read our latest newsletter, with exciting science, updates on department news, stories about life as an astronomer, and much more.

Oct.26.2017 | Continue Reading »

SALT Digs Up Hot Gas Above Galaxy M83

UW grad student Erin Boettcher used the RSS spectrograph on SALT to detect and study ionized gas above and below the disk of Messier 83, a famous disk galaxy.

Aug.30.2017 | Continue Reading »

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