Three UW-Madison faculty elected as 2021 AAS Fellows

Professors Amy Barger, Jay Gallagher and Ellen Zweibel have been elected as 2021 Fellows by the American Astronomical Society.

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Giant Planet Orbiting Tiny White Dwarf

Brand new UW-Madison Professor Andrew Vanderburg and his team discovered the first known gas giant planet in close orbit around a white dwarf star, published in the 09/16/2020 edition of Nature. The discovery has important implications for planetary evolution and habitability.

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UW Astronomy on the Cover of Nature

UW astronomers published research on the Magellanic Stream that is featured on the cover of the September 10, 2020 issue of Nature.

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Statement Against Systemic Racism and in Support of the Black Community

As a department, it is our duty to create an academic climate that welcomes and supports all people, and that specifically and explicitly includes people from marginalized communities. We condemn the senseless killing of George Floyd, and countless other Black Americans who have been the targets of police violence. We affirm that Black Lives Matter. We acknowledge our responsibility to rid our society of systemic racism. We need to do more than stand in solidarity. We demand change, and we pledge to actively seek measures to address systemic racism in our department, in our discipline, and in the world.

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Origins Is Live!

Explore the amazing UW documentary about our place in the cosmos, from the first stars to the cradle of human life. Go to to find out more!

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