First Light for Two New WIYN Instruments

Congratulations to Washburn Labs on a world premiere: the flawless delivery, installation, and inauguration of the first ever adaptive fiber IFUs for the WIYN telescope.

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New Campus Supercomputer Simulates Stellar Migration

UW-Astronomy postdoc Carlos Vera-Ciro and Assistant Professor Elena D'Onghia have just completed the first massively parallel scientific simulation at the new UW-Madison supercomputer.

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Making a Galaxy in only 1 Million Hours

Watch what took billions of years in real life in just 2:16 min from the comfort of your chair!

Nov.20.2012 | Continue Reading »

UW Astro in Nature: How Blue Stragglers Stay Young

A study on how mysterious blue straggler stars stay young by Department Chair Bob Mathieu and UW alumnus Aaron Geller in the October 20 edition of Nature.

Oct.20.2011 | Continue Reading »

UW Astro in Nature: Our Turbulent Galaxy

The journal Nature features the work of two UW Department of Astronomy scientists on turbulence in the interstellar medium.

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