Tracing the mass budget for planet formation

Professor Coco Zhang leads a team that has just been awarded 103 hours of observing time on the ALMA radio telescope, to study planet-forming disks.

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Giant Planet Orbiting Tiny White Dwarf

Brand new UW-Madison Professor Andrew Vanderburg and his team discovered the first known gas giant planet in close orbit around a white dwarf star, published in the 09/16/2020 edition of Nature. The discovery has important implications for planetary evolution and habitability.

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UW Astronomy on the Cover of Nature

UW astronomers published research on the Magellanic Stream that is featured on the cover of the September 10, 2020 issue of Nature.

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First optical measurements of Fermi Bubbles

Astronomers used the WHAM telescope to measure huge outflows of gas extending from the Milky Way’s center known as the Fermi Bubbles. They were able to measure the velocity, density and pressure of the gas for the first time, confirming and extending previous measurements made by using a distant quasar as a light source to look through and measure the gas.

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NEID Port Adapter

The Wisconsin-built port adapter for the NEID instrument telescope was successfully delivered and installed on our WIYN telescope.

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