We need a Radio Data Scientist

We have an opening for an assistant or associate scientist in the area of radio data science and astro-informatics.

Jan.02.2015 | Continue Reading »

NASA X-ray Telescopes Find Black Hole May Be a Neutrino Factory

Researchers have found evidence that the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way may be generating neutrinos.

Nov.17.2014 | Continue Reading »

The Party’s Over for These Youthful Compact Galaxies

Research began here at UW explores triggering mechanism of high velocity outflows

Nov.13.2014 | Continue Reading »

Women of Astronomy inspire girls to think about science careers

WOWSA (Women of Wisconsin Strengthening Astronomy) dedicates a Saturday to inspiring middle school girls to careers in science

Nov.11.2014 | Continue Reading »

Astronomy alum shares tips for job seeking in business world

Astronomy Alumni Nicole Homeier relates how PhD prepared her for business and why she chose business over academia.

Nov.10.2014 | Continue Reading »

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