Ellen Zweibel Podcast on Cosmic Rays

Professor Ellen Zweibel talks about the microphysics and macrophysics of cosmic rays in this Physics of Plasmas podcast.

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Bob Mathieu Appointed Interim Director of Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Professor Bob Mathieu is the new interim director of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) at the UW-Madison School of Education.

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New Campus Supercomputer Simulates Stellar Migration

UW-Astronomy postdoc Carlos Vera-Ciro and Assistant Professor Elena D'Onghia have just completed the first massively parallel scientific simulation at the new UW-Madison supercomputer.

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Elena D’Onghia Models Dynamics of Milky Way

The art of modeling the dynamics of the Milky Way through supercomputer simulations of unprecedented resolution is the focus of Assistant Professor Elena D'Onghia's research.

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Galaxies Fed by Funnels of Fuel

Grainger Postdoctoral Fellow Alyson Brooks, an expert in galaxy simulations, co-authored a paper on a "cold mode" theory of galaxy formation.

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