Natalie Gosnell Wins Jansky Award

Graduate student Natalie Gosnell has won the Jansky Award for her research on blue stragglers.

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Fall 2013 Issue of Washburn Observer

The fall 2013 issue of the department newsletter is now available online.

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Star Tracker Profiled in UW Video Release

A Video released by the UW press office details the Star Tracker 5000 and its recent performance in guiding a sounding rocket to a successful observation of comet ISON.

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Blast From Past Dates Youngest Known Neutron Star Binary

UW-Madison Professor Sebastian Heinz and his team report the discovery of a new supernova remnant, showing that it hosts the youngest known X-ray binary.

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Star Tracker Catches Comet ISON

Watch this video of the Washburn Labs built Star Tracker 5000 delivering another flawless performance on a sounding rocket flight to observe comet ISON.

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