Alex Lazarian Honored as APS Fellow

Astronomy professor Alex Lazarian has been named a fellow of the American Physical Society.

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Greg Mosby Accepted into Bouchet Honor Society

Astronomy graduate student Greg Mosby has been accepted into the prestigious Bouchet Honor Society.

Dec.03.2012 | Continue Reading »

Paul Sell Receives Teaching Assistant Award

Astronomy graduate student Paul Sell has received a prestigious L&S campus-wide Teaching Assistant Award for Exceptional Service.

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New Radio Astronomy Lab Course Yields Big Results

A 2.3-meter Small Radio Telescope (SRT) on the roof of Sterling Hall provides hands-on experience for students in the Astronomy Department's new Radio Astronomy Laboratory course.

Nov.29.2012 | Continue Reading »

Making a Galaxy in only 1 Million Hours

Watch what took billions of years in real life in just 2:16 min from the comfort of your chair!

Nov.20.2012 | Continue Reading »

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