Blakesley Burkhart Wins Jansky Award

Nov 02, 2011

The 2011 Jansky Award of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Astronomy Department goes to Graduate Student Blakesley Burkhart.

The Jansky Award recognizes a body of outstanding accomplishments
in research as a graduate student. In addition the Jansky Award
recognizes scientific independence, leadership and creativity; external
recognition in papers and talks; and ability to communicate research
to a scientific audience. The Jansky is awarded to an astronomy
graduate student every other year.

Blakesley's graduate work has played a significant role in convincing
all of us that turbulence is not only important but tractable!
Blakesley has developed new statistical tools to obtain information
on turbulence from the wealth of observational data available. She
is able to use these data to extract sonic and Alfvenic Mach numbers
(proxies for the gas compressibility and magnetization) as well as
topology, velocity spectrum, and nature of the turbulence cascade.
We are confident that her work work will have broad impact because
MHD turbulence spans a wide range of astrophysical scales and phenomena.

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