Bautz Lecturer to Discuss Galactic Archeology

Nov 04, 2016

Relationships between UW-Madison and our German university counterparts run the gamut from our having a Ratskeller to lively exchanges of people and ideas. The Department of Astronomy thus is pleased to welcome Professor Grebel to Madison. At 5 pm on November 16 she will present a public talk on “Galactic Archaeology” in the De Luca forum of the WID.  Professor Grebel is a leader in developing an understanding of how galaxies form and evolve. Her research focuses on the role of small but numerous “dwarf galaxies” as agents of galactic evolution. She approaches these studies using stars within galaxies as evolutionary tracers, an astronomical equivalent to studying the past through its fossil record.  The results of this work show that galaxies are far from being isolated “island universes”, but rather are actively influenced by their environments.

Professor Grebel is one of the leaders of a new generation of European Astronomers.  She is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Heidelberg where she also is Director of the Institute for Astronomical Computations. Her contributions to astronomy and astrophysics have been recognized through numerous awards including recognition as one of the 25 leading female scientists in Germany and receipt of several major German prizes for outstanding research contributions. Professor Grebel also has served the German and European scientific communities in a number of capacities, including two terms as a member of the Senate of the German research Foundation. Professor Grebel also is an accomplished educator and active public speaker who frequently gives talks on astronomy in Europe.

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