Welcome, ‘18/‘19 Class of Grad Students!

We are thrilled to welcome the incoming class of graduate students, Andrew Nine, Anthony Taylor, Dan Rybarczyk, Frabcisco Ley, Ka-Ho Yuen, Melissa, Morris, and Teva Ilan, to the department,

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The Silver Domes of Sterling Hall

Painters just finished putting a shiny new coat of reflective observatory paint on the three telescope domes atop Sterling Hall.

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Camilo Machuca Wins NSF Graduate Fellowship

UW Astronomy grad student Camilo Machuca will use his fellowship to study the role of gas in galaxy evolution. Congratulations, Camilo!

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Origins Is Live!

Explore the amazing UW documentary about our place in the cosmos, from the first stars to the cradle of human life. Go to origins.wisc.edu to find out more!

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Adopt a Fiber, Have your Gift Matched!

Through the end of April, you can have your gift towards the High Fiber Diet Spectrograph for SALT matched 1-for-1 by our Astronomy Board of Visitors Challenge. And if you give $100 or more, you can adopt a fiber and stay connected with it through construction and commissioning!

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