First optical measurements of Fermi Bubbles

Astronomers used the WHAM telescope to measure huge outflows of gas extending from the Milky Way’s center known as the Fermi Bubbles. They were able to measure the velocity, density and pressure of the gas for the first time, confirming and extending previous measurements made by using a distant quasar as a light source to look through and measure the gas.

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Christy Tremonti Awarded Romnes Fellowship

Congratulations, Christy, on winning a 20/21 Romnes Fellowship! This prestigious award recognizes outstanding research achievements by early career faculty.

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4th Round of Cluster Hires Announced

The fourth round of UW-Madison Cluster Hire Initiative includes clusters in "Exploring the Origins of Life Across the Galaxy" and "Breakthrough Science with Multi-messenger Astrophysical Data"

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We are establishing the new Wisconsin Center for Origins Research. Learn more about this exciting new endeavor at UW-Madison and help us establish Madison as a leader in the study of life's origins.

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NEID Port Adapter

The Wisconsin-built port adapter for the NEID instrument telescope was successfully delivered and installed on our WIYN telescope.

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