Congratulations 2014 Astronomy PhDs!

Our 2014 graduating class will all take their newly minted Ph.D.s to prestigious postdoctoral fellowships. Congratulations Blakesley, Natalie, and Isak, we couldn't be prouder!

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MaNGA Commissioning Underway

The first set of 17 IFUs for the Sloan IV MaNGA Survey has been installed at APO and commissioning is now underway. The IFUs were designed and tested at Washburn Labs under the leadership of Matt Bershady.

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Claire Murray Wins Stebbins Award

Graduate student Claire Murray has won the Stebbins Award for her research on the warm neutral medium (WNM).

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Natalie Gosnell Wins Jansky Award

Graduate student Natalie Gosnell has won the Jansky Award for her research on blue stragglers.

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Fall 2013 Issue of Washburn Observer

The fall 2013 issue of the department newsletter is now available online.

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