Congratulations, Chambliss and Sigma-Xi Winner Anthony Taylor

UW-Madison Astronomy grad student wins AAS Chambliss and Sigma-Xi Grant.

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Statement Against Systemic Racism and in Support of the Black Community

As a department, it is our duty to create an academic climate that welcomes and supports all people, and that specifically and explicitly includes people from marginalized communities. We condemn the senseless killing of George Floyd, and countless other Black Americans who have been the targets of police violence. We affirm that Black Lives Matter. We acknowledge our responsibility to rid our society of systemic racism. We need to do more than stand in solidarity. We demand change, and we pledge to actively seek measures to address systemic racism in our department, in our discipline, and in the world.

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Chair’s Message on Systemic Racism

The horrific killing of George Floyd and the demonstrations that have followed have once again laid bare the wounds of inequality and racism that this country, and much of the world, are hurting from. As adults, we have the responsibility to formulate our own response to all of this. It is natural to struggle with the immense uncertainty and to look for guidance. I cannot claim to have enough lived experience to provide you with answers. All I know is that we all have to rely on our own inner moral compass, to be compassionate and kind, and to support those who struggle because they are marginalized. It is normal and healthy to feel anguish and pain, and to want to do something. With this in mind, I encourage you to take whatever action you think will make this world better for all of us.

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Christy Tremonti Awarded Romnes Fellowship

Congratulations, Christy, on winning a 20/21 Romnes Fellowship! This prestigious award recognizes outstanding research achievements by early career faculty.

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4th Round of Cluster Hires Announced

The fourth round of UW-Madison Cluster Hire Initiative includes clusters in "Exploring the Origins of Life Across the Galaxy" and "Breakthrough Science with Multi-messenger Astrophysical Data"

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