In Memoriam: Professor Lowell Doherty

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Lowell Doherty, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy.

Mar.30.2021 | Continue Reading »

Melinda Soares-Furtado awarded Hubble Fellowship

Melinda-Soares Furtado, one of our postdoctoral fellows, has been awarded a Hubble Fellowship.

Feb.22.2021 | Continue Reading »

Three UW-Madison faculty elected as 2021 AAS Fellows

Professors Amy Barger, Jay Gallagher and Ellen Zweibel have been elected as 2021 Fellows by the American Astronomical Society.

Feb.01.2021 | Continue Reading »

Giant Planet Orbiting Tiny White Dwarf

Brand new UW-Madison Professor Andrew Vanderburg and his team discovered the first known gas giant planet in close orbit around a white dwarf star, published in the 09/16/2020 edition of Nature. The discovery has important implications for planetary evolution and habitability.

Sep.16.2020 | Continue Reading »

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