Jun 10, 2020

Town Hall on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Please join us for a Department of Astronomy town hall on Wednesday at 10:00AM.


  1. Statement from chair
  2. Listening session: How can we support black astronomers and our black community members, and how can we improve diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the department? If you already know that you wish to speak, please let us know (by responding to this e-mail) so we can reserve enough time.
  3. Proposed department statement discussion (below), open for signatures
  4. Announcing opportunities for giving (https://forms.gle/3ggDD69DuySRGg3eA)
  5. Resource website.
  6. Defining workshop topics and teams; suggestions:
    1. Recruiting
    2. Admissions
    3. AAS Climate Site Visit
    4. Financial support
    5. Supporting undergrads
    6. Outreach
    7. Code of Conduct
    8. Diversity trainings and workshop resources
  7. Breakout sessions for workshops (self-organized)
  8. Report back (afternoon).

Event Details

Jun 10, 2020



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