Apr 14, 2014

Chris Conselice , University of Nottingham

"Galaxy Assembly up to z = 3: Mergers, Gas Accretion and Star Formation"

I will discuss recent results from several extragalactic surveys, including the HST CANDELS,  the GOODS NICMOS Survey (GNS) and the UKIDSS Survey, designed to investigate the galaxy population down to log M_star = 10 at z < 3.  I will discuss how we can now measure the stellar masses, merger and star formation rates for these galaxies, as well as measuring how gas accretion is driving the formation of galaxies during this epoch.  This is carried out through using an abundance matched sample of galaxies, thereby minimizing issues with selection.  I will argue that major mergers, minor mergers and gas accretion dominate the galaxy formation process at different times - with gas accretion the dominant effect at high redshift z > 1.5, while minor mergers are the most important process at z < 1.5.  I finally give some indication for how these results compare with theoretical models which predict this evolution.

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Apr 14, 2014



Speaker Host:
Elena D'Onghia

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