Apr 10, 2017

Marsha Wolf

"RSS-NIR: the Not-So-Distant-Future Near Infrared Spectrograph for SALT"

The Robert Stobie Spectrograph near infrared arm (RSS-NIR) was originally designed to replicate all of the operating modes of the existing RSS visible wavelength instrument on the SALT telescope.  For a number of reasons to improve the instrument’s performance on SALT, the configuration of RSS-NIR has been changed to a NIR spectrograph that will be fed by a 217-fiber integral field unit (IFU).  Each fiber will subtend 1.3-arcsec on the sky, which is well matched to SALT’s delivered image quality.  The entire IFU will cover a hexagonal field of 24 x 28 arcsec on sky.  RSS-NIR will be completed and delivered to SALT in early 2019.  In this talk I will highlight the modifications that this change required for completion of the instrument, present the design of the new IFU, provide updated instrument performance estimates, and motivate near infrared IFU science that RSS-NIR will enable on SALT. 

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Apr 10, 2017



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