Feb 24, 2014

The WIYN One Degree Imager and how to get science out of it.

WIYN's newest imager, the One Degree Imager, is a new powerful addition to WIYN's overall instrumentation suite. However, producing science-quality data is a challenge due to its data volume (~500 MB per exposure), complexity and need for special calibration steps. I will present one of two available pipelines for ODI, the no-IRAF python-based, "QuickReduce" pipeline. QR encapsulates nearly all required reduction steps into convenient software packages that handle most or all of the tedious under-the-hood work and produce science-ready data. I will also demonstrate the ODI Portal, Pipeline and Archive (ODI-PPA) and show how it can help you with your science project, and close the talk with recently learned lessons and updates about observing with ODI.

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Feb 24, 2014



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