Oct 12, 2016

Frank Shu , University of California San Diego

"Reversing Climage Change Economically"

2015 saw an international agreement to limit the mean global temperature rise since the Industrial Revolution to 1.5-2 degrees C. I will present technologies developed by our team that can achieve a reversal of climate change. (1) Supertorrefaction uses the heat capacity of molten salts to convert waste biomass into biocarbon. (2) Two-fluid molten-salt breeder-reactors operate on the renewable thorium fuel cycle. With a combination of these technologies It should be possible to limit the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 ppm before year 2100. Thus, children yet to be born may inherit the climate that the older members of the audience enjoyed when they were young.

Event Details

Oct 12, 2016


H.F. DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Reception: 7:00-8:30pm, Atrium

UW-Madison Astronomy Home