Apr 24, 2013

Lars Hernquist, Havard University

"Distinguished Lecture Series: Cosmology on a Moving Mesh"

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Understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies in a cosmological context using numerical simulations remains an elusive goal.  In this talk, I describe a new approach to modeling the hydrodynamics of galaxy formation in which the equations of motion are solved on a moving mesh.  The use of a moving mesh makes the scheme fully Lagrangian, unlike popular particle-based codes which are quasi-Lagrangian in nature, and mitigates against advection errors when a spatially fixed grid is used.  I present results from an initial study comparing results for a moving mesh with those obtained using a smoothed particle hydrodynamics solver.  This preliminary work suggests that the new approach offers promise for resolving the long-standing problems which have plagued this field for nearly two decades.

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Apr 24, 2013


1310 Sterling Hall

Coffee served at 3:40pm outside 4421 Sterling Hall; head down to 1310 Sterling Hall at 3:55pm

Speaker Host:
Elena D'Onghia

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