Dec 12, 2013

Brett Andrews, The Ohio State University

"Decoding Galactic Chemical Evolution with Gas-phase and Stellar Abundances"

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Gas-phase and stellar chemical abundances are sensitive and complementary
diagnostics of the main processes that drive galaxy evolution. Galaxy gas-
phase metallicities are tightly correlated with stellar mass, but previous
mass-metallicity relations suffered from large systematic uncertainties in
the metallicity measurements.  I will show results from our recent determination
of the mass-metallicity relation from stacked SDSS spectra whose high
signal-to-noise ratio enabled the detection of the weak auroral lines that are
necessary for measuring metallicity with the more reliable direct method. I
will also explore the potential of next generation stellar abundance
surveys, such as APOGEE, which will measure the abundances of 10-20 elements for at
least 100,000 stars. These data sets will require more advanced analysis
techniques to interpret the wealth of available information. I will discuss
one such tool, Principal Component Abundance Analysis, and demonstrate its
usefulness in applications to existing data sets and chemical evolution

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Dec 12, 2013


4421 Sterling Hall

Coffee served at 3:30pm; talk starts at 3:45pm

Speaker Host:
Elena D'Onghia

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