Mar 07, 2019

Chian-Chou Chen, ESO fellow, European Southern Observatory, Germany

"Colloquium 03/07/2019 Chian-Chou Chen - "Caught in the act - witnessing the formation of the most massive galaxies across cosmic time""

More than half of the stellar mass in the local Universe is found in galaxies that arevery massive yet have long ceased to form new stars. Exactly when and how these galaxies formed remain open questions. Detailed galaxy archaeology studies have suggested that these galaxies were assemble in a very dramatic fashion, with most of their stellar mass forming very early, when the Universe was about 20% of its age, and in a strikingly short period of time.  In this talk, I will discuss my efforts to uncover the progenitors of these galaxies via extragalactic submillimeter surveys, and to study their evolution and physical properties using multi-wavelength data sets. I will also present my future research plans, which focus on three novel methodologies for studying the environments and interstellar media of the progenitors.

Event Details

Mar 07, 2019


4421 Sterling Hall, 3:30 pm Coffee and Cookies, 3:45 Talk Begins

Speaker Host:
Professor Richard Townsend

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