Apr 30, 2019

Wolf-Rainer Hamann, University of Potsdam

"4/30/19 - Lunch Talk "An introduction to radiatively driven stellar winds "Wolf-Rainer Hamann, Institute for Astronomy and Physics, University of Potsdam"

Stellar spectra that are dominated by bright and broad emission lines have been discovered by the French astronomers Wolf and Rayet 150 years ago, and must be attributed to strong outflow of matter. But only with the advent of ultraviolet spectroscopy in the 1970s it became known thatstellar winds are ubiquitous among hot and luminous stars.

In principle, such winds can be driven by radiation pressure. The quantitative analysis of stellar-wind spectra requires adequate modeling of expanding stellar atmospheres.

The evolution of massive stars and their final fate depends on their mass loss. This refers especially to the mass that might finally
collapse into a Black Hole - i.e. such objects which are observed by gravitational waves when merging.

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Apr 30, 2019


4421 Sterling Hall, Noon Lunch talk

Speaker Host:
Professor Emeritus Jay Gallagher

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