Feb 25, 2021

Dyas Utomo, NRAO

"PHANGS Results: Connecting the Small Scale ISM Physics to the Galaxy Structures"

The physical and dynamical states of molecular gas are closely tied to the location and amount of star formation in galaxies. This interaction between molecular gas and star formation occurs in small scale (< 100 pc), therefore, high resolution observations are needed. PHANGS-ALMA mapped CO line emission in 90 nearby galaxies at 1’’ (~100 pc) resolution to quantify the physics of star formation and feedback at the scale of individual giant molecular clouds (GMCs) and connecting these measurements to the galaxy-scale properties. In this talk, I will present recent results from the PHANGS collaboration. First, I will show that the molecular gas in roughly in viral equilibrium, but their
properties vary between regions inside galaxies. Second, I will present recent measurement of the star formation efficiency per free fall time
at the GMC scale. Third, I will explain how we can estimate the stellar feedback and GMCs lifetime though statistical analysis. Finally, I will
conclude by showing that the star formation process is self regulated.

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Feb 25, 2021


Online Zoom meeting See Abstract

Tea at 3:30 pm Talk begins at 3:45 pm. See abstract for Zoom information

Speaker Host:
Professor Ellen Zweibel

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