Oct 22, 2020

Ethan Vishniac, Johns Hopkins

"Scaling Laws for Large Scale Magnetic Fields in Stars and in the Laboratory"

The turbulent generation of large scale magnetic fields is driven by the transport of magnetic helicity, which is robustly conserved in conducting fluids.  Some simple scaling laws emerge from this.  These can be extended by considering the relationship between shear and rotation in turbulent convection.  This work can be directly applied to stellar magnetic fields for fully convective stars.  Surprisingly, the same scaling laws seem to apply generally, even in the presence of stellar tachoclines. I will also discuss the prospects for applying these insights to laboratory experiments.

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Oct 22, 2020


Online Zoom meeting (see Abstract)

Tea at 3:30 pm Talk begins at 3:45 pm,

Speaker Host:
Professor Alex Lazarian

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