May 04, 2017

Jill Naiman, CfA Boston

"The IllustrisTNG Simulations: Elemental Evolution in Cosmological Simulations"

I will give an overview of some of the new features of the IllustrisTNG models - a set of gravitational, hydrodynamical, MHD cosmological simulations aimed at resolving from the formation of galaxy clusters down to the structures of Milky Way dwarf galaxies.  A brief overview of AREPO, the code used in these simulations, and updates from its first cosmological implementation in the Illustris simulations will be presented.  I will conclude with some preliminary results on the distribution of elements in our simulations, in particular, the distribution of Europium in Milky Way sized galaxies.

Event Details

May 04, 2017


4421 Sterling Hall

Coffee and Cookies 3:30 pm, Talk at 3:45 pm

Speaker Host:
Prof Elena Donghia

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