Image Credit: MPIfR Bonn and Hubble Heritage Team
Graphics: Sterne und Weltraum
Workshop Topics
  • Measuring magnetic fields
  • MHD turbulence
  • Magnetized processes
  • Cosmic Ray acceleration
  • Dynamo and reconnection

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Danielle (nielsen AT


The midwest is home to many groups studying astrophysical magnetic fields. Therefore it is advantageous to stimulate exchanges and collaboration between groups in America's Heartland.

Due to the growing size of the workshop, we have extended the meeting to one and a half days. Laboratory tours will be offered Thursday evening.

Organizers: Alex Lazarian, Vanessa López Barquero, Diego Gonzalez-Casanova, Danielle Nielsen
Dates: May 21-22, 2015
Venue: Room 2241
Chamberlin Hall
University of Wisconsin
1150 University Ave.
Madison, WI, 53715

Registration is now closed.

Recommended: Wisconsin Union Hotel at Union South
We have reserved a block of rooms. To reserve a room, please call 608-263-2600 and mention code "Astro" to receive the University rate.
Other choices: Hotel Red The Double Tree Hotel
Days Inn
Baymont Inn and Suites
Almagri  Abdulgader  UW - Madison
Asif  Muhammad  COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Bader  Aaron  UW - Madison
Bard  Chris  UW - Madison
Benjamin  Robert  UW - Whitewater
Beresnyak  Andrey  Naval Research Laboratory
Billey  Zachary  UW - Madison
Boguski  John  UW - Madison
Boldyrev  Stanislav  UW - Madison
Bunkers  Kyle  UW - Madison
Burke  Galen  UW - Madison
Cashman  Ren  Boston University
Cassinelli  Joseph  UW - Madison
Chuss  David  Villanova University
Cianciara  Aleks  UW - Madison
Clark  Susan  Columbia University
Costa  Allison  University of Iowa
Cox  Erin  Univeristy of Illinois
Crutcher  Richard  University of Illinois
D'Onghia  Elena  UW - Madison
Den Hartog  Daniel  UW - Madison
Desiati  Paolo  WIPAC
DuBois  Ami  UW - Madison
Egedal  Jan  UW - Madison
Faber  Benjamin  UW - Madison
Fang  Ke  University of Chicago
Fissel  Laura  CIERA - Northwestern University
Flangan  Ken  UW - Madison
Frisch  Priscilla  University of Chicago
Garain  Sudip Kumar  University of Notre Dame
Giannios  Dimitrios  Purdue University
Gonzalez-Casanova  Diego  UW - Madison
Harris  Robert  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Heiles  Carl  UC Berkeley
Hoq  Sadia  Boston University
Horaites  Konstantinos  UW - Madison
Houde  Martin  University of Western Ontario
Howes  Gregory  University of Iowa
Jacobson  Craig  UW - Madison
Jeff  Kollasch  UW - Madison
Jones  Terry  U Minnesota
Kim  Jinho  University of Notre Dame
Kollasch  Jeff  UW - Madison
Kooi  Vanessa  University of Iowa
Kooi  Jason  University of Iowa
Lichko  Emily  UW - Madison
Looney  Leslie  University of Illinois
Lopez-Barquero  Vanessa  UW - Madison
Mac Low  Mordecai-Mark Mac Low  American Museum of Natural History
Milhone  Jason  University of Wisconsin
Mirnov  Vladimir  UW - Madison
Montgomery  Jordan  Boston University
Morton  Lucas  UW - Madison
Murray  Claire  UW - Madison
Novak  Giles  Northwestern University
Olson  Joseph  UW - Madison
Parke  Eli  UW - Madison
Peters  Charee  UW - Madison
Pogorelov  Nikolai  University of Alabama in Huntsville
Pueschel  MJ  UW - Madison
Raymond  John  Center for Astrophysics
Rodenkirch  Ryan   UW - Madison
Sarff  John  UW - Madison
Sauppe  Joshua  UW - Madison
Sears  Stephanie  UW - Madison
Segura-Cox  Dominique  University of Illinois
Siller  Robert  UW - Madison
Soler  Juan Diego  Institute d'Astrophysique Spatiale (France)
Sovinec  Carl  UW - Madison
Spangler  Steven  University of Iowa
Stephens  Ian  Boston University
Terry  Paul  UW - Madison
Thompson  Derek  UW - Madison
Triana  Joseph  UW - Madison
Troland  Thomas  University of Kentucky
Vishniac  Ethan  American Astronomical Society
Weisberg  David  UW - Madison
Whelan  Garth  UW - Madison
Williams  Anna  UW - Madison
Yoast-Hull  Tova  UW - Madison
Yoon  Doosoo  UW - Madison
Young  William  UW - Madison
Yusef-Zadeh  Farhad  Northwestern University
Zhdankin  Vladimir  UW - Madison
Zweibel  Ellen  UW - Madison
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