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Acknowledgement of use of GLIMPSE Data

We would appreciate an acknowledgment of the GLIMPSE surveys if you use these data in your publications.
In your text, please refer to Churchwell et al. 2009 and Benjamin et al. 2003.
The latex formats for these are:
\bibitem[Churchwell et al.(2009)]{2009PASP..121..213C} Churchwell, E.,Babler, B.~L., Meade, M.~R., et al.\ 2009, \pasp, 121, 213
\bibitem[Benjamin et al.(2003)]{2003PASP..115..953B} Benjamin, R.~A.,Churchwell, E., Babler, B.~L., et al.\ 2003, \pasp, 115, 953
In your acknowledgments section, this text from the Spitzer Science Center website might be appropriate:

This work is based [in part] on observations made with the Spitzer Space Telescope, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology under a contract with NASA.

You can check their templates to see if another is more appropriate.

Spitzer Bibliographical Database
To use the Spitzer Bibliographical Database, click on this link, then click inside the Legacy/Exploration Science Program box. Many programs are listed. Click on GLIMPSE. If you want a particular sort, such as by date, click inside the sort order box, then click on date. Then click on Search. As of 10/08/2012, there are 479 publications using GLIMPSE data!

Compiled by the GLIMPSE Team (superceded by the Spitzer Bibliographical Database):

GLIMPSE Team Publications, Publications using GLIMPSE Data and other Publications of Interest

Team or Collaborative Publications

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Publications using GLIMPSE Data

Publications of Interest

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