GLIMPSE 360 Paper/Project Ideas

Let the Lead authors know if you are interested to contribute.  Send Barb Whitney your new ideas.  See the last bullet for Authorship rules.


Barb Whitney:  Glimpse360 Overview.   Extreme draft (outline) is here.

Bob Benjamin:  Galactic Structure

Dust and Galactic Structure

Cosmos Yeh, Sheng-Yuan Liu:  3-D extinction mapping from SED fitting.  Search for IRDCs?

Chris Brunt, Doug Marshall:  3-D extinction mapping

Gail Zasowski, David Nidever, & Steve Majewski:  3-D dust mapping and Galactic structure

Sergio Molinari et al:  3D dust ISM decomposition using HI-GAL. 

Evolved stars

Jacco van Loon, Martha Boyer: 
1.  Red clump giants and galactic structure
2.  Extreme carbon stars
3.  Evolved stars

Margaret Meixner:  Evolved stars, analyzing using "GRAMS" grid of SEDs.

Jon Mauerhan, Schuyler Van Dyk and Nathan Smith:  Wolf-Rayet stars, characterizing the known, and finding new ones.

Star Formation

Tom Robitaille, Claudia Cyganowski:  YSO outflows

Sergio Molinari:  SEDs of YSOs throughout the galaxy using GLIMPSE & HI-GAL.   characterization of YSO evolutionary stages in a statistically significant sense considering different galactocentric distances,  spiral arm proximity etc.

Joe Mottram:  W5 star forming region, comparison to JCMT Harp 13CO and C18O data

Charles Kerton
1.  CTB 102
2. Star formation surrounding single O-star HII regions.  Complements CO and submm observations on a number of regions
3.  others?
Matt Povich:  W3 star formation.  Include warm mission data.  Compare results with just Gl360 data to test out methods to use on other star forming regions.  Also x-ray analysis.

Rho and anyone else interested:  star formation in the outer arm.  no lead identified yet.


Ed Churchwell:  H II regions vs wind-blown bubbles from morphology analysis

Bruce Elmegreen:  statistics of bubbles and IRDCs, relating to triggering and turbulence.


Phil Lucas and Basmah Riaz:  
1.  GLIMPSE360 + UKIDDS GPS cross match
2. Red objects in GLIMPSE360 + UKIDSS.

Hamm, Majewski et al:  star cluster search

Jeonghee Rho and William Reach:  Supernova remnants to search for any detection in band 2 (4.5 um).  This will infer shocked H2 emission.

Datasets you might want to use:

Brunt:   CO
WISE data:  we are mosaicing available images currently

Authorship rules:

Since our data products will be publicly available, we don't have strict authorship rules.  They are simply common sense.  A few of us have worked hard to plan the observations, process the data, check the data, and make the products available.  Those are Marilyn Meade, Brian Babler, Christer Watson, Barbara Whitney, Bob Benjamin, and Ed Churchwell.   If you would like to include those people on early papers, we would likely agree and appreciate it.  For the overview paper, my requirement for authorship is that you have to read the paper and send comments on it.