The Monster’s Fiery Breath:

Feedback in galaxies, groups, and clusters


1-5 June 2009, Fluno Center, Madison Wisconsin


  1. The conference is now over - thank you everybody for attending! We will post details about the proceedings and talks to download in a few days.

Conference summary: The past decade has shown that black hole growth and the formation of large scale structure are intimately linked. With the astrophysical community having largely converged on this view, the scientific task at hand is to determine the nature, strength, and ultimate relevance of this link. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which has been instrumental in demonstrating the importance of feedback and in anticipation of the first year of Fermi/GLAST, which will be instrumental in making the next step towards a consistent picture of how black hole growth and large scale structure formation are coupled, as well as the next generation of low frequency radio telescopes, the 2009 Wisconsin meeting on feedback from galaxies to clusters will bring together a broad group of researchers with one common goal: To lay the path for the next decade of work on feedback in structure formation.

Hosted by the Astronomy Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Partially supported by the National Science Foundation and by the International X-ray Observatory