Power Point Presentations

The applets:

Phases of the Moon (htm and swf)

Cause of lunar phases (htm and swf)

Moon phases and time of day (htm and swf)

Cause of eclipses:     tool  (htm and swf)   animation (htm and swf)    

                               The applets:

                                Evolution of a total solar eclipses (htm and swf)

                                Partial vs. total solar eclipses (htm and swf)

                                Annular vs. total solar eclipses (htm and swf)

                                Lunar eclipses (htm and swf)

                                Tilt of  Moon's orbit relative to ecliptic (htm and swf)

                                The applets:

                                Solar altitude with respect to latitude and season (htm and swf)

                                Flashlight beams (htm and swf)

                                The applets:



                                Copernicus: The Retrograde Motion of Mars

                                Retrograde motion of  Jupiter and Saturn

                                Galileo sunspots

                                The applets:

                                Eccentricity and Semi-major Axis of an Ellipse (htm and swf)

                                Kepler's 2nd Law: Velocity Inversely Proportional to Orbital Radius (htm and swf)

                                Relationship Between Cannonball's Mass & Orbital Trajectory (htm and swf)

                                Collapse of the Solar Nebula (htm and swf)

                                Matthew Bate's Animations






                                Determining the Mass and Orbital Radius of a Planet by Fitting Data (htm and swf)