Discussion Section

The primary purpose of the discussion section is to give students opportunities to engage with both the Solar System and their teachers. Discussion sections will typically begin with questions-and-answers in order to resolve confusions with lecture material and homework problems. Thereafter, each discussion section will be a time for students to collaboratively attack a new problem, to experience lecture material from a different perspective, and occasionally to see new material.  Students will be responsible for the content of discussion sections.





You should be registered in one of the following discussion sections:


 301          Tuesday     11:00          3331 Sterling          Mathieu

302          Tuesday       2:25          6515 Sterling          Sewilo

303          Thursday    11:00          6515 Sterling          Sewilo

304          Thursday      2.25          6515 Sterling          Sewilo

305         Wednesday   3:30          6515 Sterling          Sewilo

306          Friday          1:20          6515 Sterling          Sewilo



Discussion Sections will not meet during week of January 18.

Note: Astronomy 104 requires naked eye observations of the night sky (phases of the moon, motions of the planets, etc.) on your own schedule. We  also will have classes in the planetarium and (optional) open house nights at Washburn Observatory.