Tour Chile with UW Alumni Association

Six Observatories in Chile are featured in a tour of hosted by the Astronomy Department and UW Alumni

Nov.10.2014 | Continue Reading »

Barger receives Vilas Achievement honors

Dr. Amy Barger receives Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professorship

Feb.26.2015 | Continue Reading »

Percival is Distinguished Senior Scientist

The UW has honored Scientist Jeff Percival with Distinguished Senior Scientist recognition.

Feb.25.2015 | Continue Reading »

Stephen Pardy Recieves Stebbins Award

The Stebbins award for research goes to Stephen Pardy

Feb.23.2015 | Continue Reading »

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"News from the Extreme Energy Cliff"

Angela Olinto, University of Chicago

Colloquium; Mar.05.2015 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Mar.07.2015 | Details »

How to Build a Galaxy in Three Easy Steps

Stephen Pardy, UW-Madison Astronomy Department

Space Place; Mar.10.2015 | Details »

The James Webb Space Telescope

Jonathan Gardner, NASA

Colloquium; Mar.12.2015 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Mar.14.2015 | Details »

What drives the evolution of the Milky Way’s disk?

Jo Bovy, Institute for Advanced Study

Colloquium; Mar.19.2015 | Details »

Party With the Stars

Space Place; Mar.20.2015 | Details »

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