Cory Cotter Wins Goldwater Scholarship

UW-Madison Astronomy major Cory Cotter is one of the UW students to win a 2017 Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations, Cory!

Apr.12.2017 | Continue Reading »

Amy Barger Wins Kellett Award

Congratulations, Amy, on a 2017 Kellett Award for her seminal contributions to our understanding of galaxy formation and black hole growth.

Apr.03.2017 | Continue Reading »

WHAM Sky Survey: Public Release

The first all-sky kinematic survey of ionized gas in the Milky Way is now available for download to the community.

Mar.17.2017 | Continue Reading »

Congratulations DK, 2017 Chambliss Award Winner

Madison Graduate student Dhanesh Krishnarao was awarded a 2017 Chambliss Award for exemplary research presented in a poster at the 229th AAS meeting in Grapevine, TX. Congratulations!

Jan.31.2017 | Continue Reading »

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Aaron Watkins

Lunch Talk; Apr.24.2017 | Details »

Simulating the Evolving Milky Way: From Disk to Halo

Sarah Loebman, University of Michigan

Colloquium; Apr.27.2017 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Apr.29.2017 | Details »

May 1 Colloquium Peter Goldreich, “Physics of the Stichastic Excitation of Stellar Modes”

Peter Goldreich, Caltech

Colloquium; Special Event; May.01.2017 | Details »

Bautz Lecture: The Physics of Everyday Life

Peter Goldreich, Lee A. DuBridge Professor of Astrophysics and Planetary Physics Emeritus, Caltech

Special Event; Space Place; May.02.2017 | Details »

Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; May.03.2017 | Details »

05/04/2017 Jill Naiman

Jill Naiman, CfA Boston

Colloquium; May.04.2017 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; May.06.2017 | Details »

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