Jeremiah Ostriker to Visit Department

Prof. Jeremiah Ostriker, the 2014 Whitford Lecturer, will visit on October 27th and 28th.

Oct.22.2014 | Continue Reading »

Researchers visit Onsala Observatory

Jay Gallagher and grad student Tova Yoast-Hull visited Sweden's Onsala Observatory in April 2014

Oct.06.2014 | Continue Reading »

Space Place creates sundial for local elementary school

Madison's Lincoln Elementary School worked with Space Place to create an interactive sundial for their playground.

Oct.06.2014 | Continue Reading »

Rich Townsend Awarded Tenure

Rich promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

Aug.18.2014 | Continue Reading »

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Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.25.2014 | Details »

Feedback from AGN In Massive Galaxies: The Importance of Momentum Driving

Jeremiah Ostriker, Columbia University

Colloquium; Oct.27.2014 | Details »

Whitford Lecture: Heart of Darkness

Jeremiah Ostriker, Columbia University

Special Event; Oct.28.2014 | Details »

The Future of age: How asteroseismology reveals fundamental properties of stars like our Sun

David Soderblom, Space Telescope Science Institute

Colloquium; Oct.30.2014 | Details »

Barium Enhancement in NGC 6819 Blue Stragglers

Katelyn Milliman, UW Madison

Lunch Talk; Nov.03.2014 | Details »

Studying Stellar Feedback With Galactic Outflow Scaling Relations

John Chisholm, UW Madison

Lunch Talk; Nov.03.2014 | Details »

Colloquium 11/06/2014—Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman, University of Denver

Colloquium; Nov.06.2014 | Details »

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