UitP Sets Up Shop at Mirror Lake State Park

After twenty years, Universe in the Park (UitP) still continues to draw crowds to state parks throughout Wisconsin.

Aug.12.2016 | Continue Reading »

Ellen Zweibel Wins 2016 Maxwell Prize

We are proud to announce that UW-Madison Astronomy Professor Ellen Zweibel is the the 2016 James Clerk Maxwell Prize Winner for Plasma Physics. Congratulations on this tremendous honor!

Jul.21.2016 | Continue Reading »

Fluno Center Hosts SDSS-IV Collaboration Meeting

Last week, astronomers from around the globe gathered in Madison for a series of meetings related to the latest science from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Jul.07.2016 | Continue Reading »

Get ready for fireworks

Hubble observes dazzling star formation in "Skyrocket" galaxy. A team of researchers including UW-Madison's Jay Gallagher, are watching this tadpole galaxy eat pristine cosmic gas to make new stars.

Jun.29.2016 | Continue Reading »

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Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Aug.31.2016 | Details »

Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Sep.07.2016 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Sep.10.2016 | Details »

Universe in the Park at Rib Mountain State Park

Universe in the Park; Sep.10.2016 | Details »

Colloquium 09/15/2016—Josh Wiener

Josh Wiener, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Colloquium; Sep.15.2016 | Details »

Cosmic Rays in Galaxies - Drivers of Winds?

Josh Wiener, UW Madison Astronomy Department

Colloquium; Sep.15.2016 | Details »

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