UW Alumn Ali Bramson Discovers Giant Ice on Mars

UW-Madison Astronomy major Ali Bramson recently published the discovery of an enormous ice-sheet larger than the entire state of Texas on Mars

Sep.25.2015 | Continue Reading »

UW Astro in the News

Grad students Jenna Ryon and Arthur Eigenbrot present Universe in the Park on News 3 (NBC)

Jul.08.2015 | Continue Reading »

Bat Astronomy

UW Astronomy Professor Sebastian Heinz and an international team of scientists have detected the largest and brightest X-ray light echo to date and used it to measure the distance to an important neutron star

Jun.23.2015 | Continue Reading »

UW Professor Dares to Stare in Medusa’s Eye

A team of researchers including UW-Madison Professor Jay Gallagher study intense star formation in the Medusa galaxy.

Jun.17.2015 | Continue Reading »

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Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.10.2015 | Details »

Universe in the Park at Newport State Park

Universe in the Park; Oct.10.2015 | Details »

Honey, I Shrunk the Galaxy! How UW Astronomers Measured the Milky Way

Dr. Jim Lattis, UW Space Place

Space Place; Oct.13.2015 | Details »

"Observational Assessment of Stellar Feeback in Star-Forming Regions"

Laura Lopez, , Ohio State University

Colloquium; Oct.15.2015 | Details »

Party With the Stars

Space Place; Oct.16.2015 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.17.2015 | Details »

Exoplanetary Science's Kepler Revolution

John Johnson, Bautz Lecturer, Harvard University

Colloquium; Oct.22.2015 | Details »

No Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.24.2015 | Details »

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