Recognizing Astronomy PhD graduates from the 2020-2021 Academic year

Congratulations to Jacqueline Goldstein, Kendall Hall, Logan Jones, and Julie Davis! We wish them luck in their careers and future projects.

Aug.30.2021 | Continue Reading »

Tracing the mass budget for planet formation

Professor Coco Zhang leads a team that has just been awarded 103 hours of observing time on the ALMA radio telescope, to study planet-forming disks.

Aug.18.2021 | Continue Reading »

NEID instrument passes Operational Readiness Review

On 2 June 2021 the WIYN Telescope’s latest state-of-the-art instrument, the extreme precision radial velocity spectrograph called NEID, passed its Operational Readiness Review with flying colors.

Jun.25.2021 | Continue Reading »

Amy Barger named Henrietta Leavitt Professor of Astronomy

Professor Amy Barger has been awarded a WARF Named Research Professorship, in recognition of her major contributions to the advancement of knowledge.

May.24.2021 | Continue Reading »

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Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Sep.25.2021 | Details »

Reassessing Impact Bombardment in the Earth-Moon System

Nicolle Zellner, Albion College

Colloquium; Sep.30.2021 | Details »

Probing the primordial universe with high-resolution CMB and galaxy surveys

Moritz Meunchmeyer, UW Madison

Colloquium; Oct.07.2021 | Details »

How Big are Galactic Winds?

Professor David Rupke, Rhodes College

Colloquium; Nov.04.2021 | Details »

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