Welcome ‘17/‘18 Class of Grad Students!

We are thrilled to welcome the incoming class of graduate students, Aaron Lopez, Catherine Witherspoon, and Joshua Oppor, to the department,

Oct.05.2017 | Continue Reading »

SALT Digs Up Hot Gas Above Galaxy M83

UW grad student Erin Boettcher used the RSS spectrograph on SALT to detect and study ionized gas above and below the disk of Messier 83, a famous disk galaxy.

Aug.30.2017 | Continue Reading »

Magnetic Fields Halfway Across the Cosmos

UW Astronomers were part of a team that measured the magnetic field strength in a far-away galaxy, using a newly developed technique that involves gravitational lensing.

Aug.28.2017 | Continue Reading »

UW Undergrad Takes Stunning Sequence of Eclipse Images

See the 2017 solar eclipse unfold in a stunning series of images taken by Astronomy Major Lauren Laufman.

Aug.28.2017 | Continue Reading »

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Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.21.2017 | Details »

Complex Chemistry in Regions of Star and Planet Formation

Susanna Widicus Weaver

Colloquium; Oct.23.2017 | Details »

The Plasma Physics of TeV Blazars

Phil Chang, UW- Milwaukee

Colloquium; Oct.26.2017 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.28.2017 | Details »

Colloquium 11/02/2017—Susan Clark

Susan Clark

Colloquium; Nov.02.2017 | Details »

Colloquium 11/09/2017—Sasha Tchekhovskoy

Sasha Tchekhovskoy, Northwestern University

Colloquium; Nov.09.2017 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Nov.11.2017 | Details »

"How to Make a Galaxy: The Role of Gas in Galaxy Evolution"

Prof. Jaqueline van Gorkom, Columbia University

Space Place; Nov.14.2017 | Details »

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